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Doctors Advise Against the Use of Toilet Paper to Clean

 While the exact cause of hemorrhoids is not known, what is known is that increased internal abdominal pressure plays a large role in the development of hemorrhoids. This increased pressure can be brought on by constipation and straining to pass a stool.

Hemorrhoids can affect half of the adults above age 50.  Discomfort, itching, rectal bleeding can all be signs of having hemorrhoids (please note that rectal bleeding can also be a symptom of serious conditions. You should consult your doctor when you have rectal bleeding).  You may have internal hemorrhoids – which are less painful – or, external which can be very painful. External hemorrhoids are always at risk of being lacerated and breaking open from hard bowel movements or toilet paper.

There are effective cures for hemorrhoids and there’s also surgery. You should discuss this with your doctor.  In all cases, doctors will advise you to keep your anal area clean. Doctors advise against the use of toilet paper to clean because it can irritate and lacerate inflamed hemorrhoid or pre-hemorrhoid tissues. Washing with water is what the prestigious Mayo Clinic doctors recommend.

It is just common sense for you to maintain the best anal hygiene when you have hemorrhoids or you think you will develop them.  Using toilet paper leaves behind fecal material full of bacteria, acid, fungus, and viruses. All this further irritate the hemorrhoids and prolong infections and itch.

Many people with hemorrhoids have to jump into the shower after having a bowel movement. The WaterKleen™ bidet makes it very convenient to get totally clean without jumping in the shower. The WaterKleen™ works like a little shower that is aimed up in the area. You are not completely clean unless you are using the WaterKleen ™.

Look it all boils down to clean hygiene.  We are not saying that poor hygiene is the reason for Hemorrhoids, but once you have them, you have to keep that area clean. This is doubly so if you have external hemorrhoids.  Toilet paper does not do the job! Our waterkleen bidet will help in your treatment of a hemorrhoids condition.