Medical Benefits

 Toilet Paper is Smearing You

Look, the whole bidet concept is about comfort and clean toilet hygiene.  From a sanitary standpoint, toilet paper does not fully clean your bottom.  Toilet paper leaves on your skin a thin film of fecal matter. That thin fecal film (sometimes it leaves a faint image of itself in underwear) is full of thousands of bateria, virus, and fungus that can attack you when your immunity goes down, or when your skin is vulnerable.  Moisture, warmth and underwear movement during the day can carry these germs, in the case of women, to the vaginal opening causing infections.

Using water, which is what our waterkleen bidet provides, will not leave that thin fecal film on your skin. And yes, it will also remove a significant amount of bottom odors,,, fascinatingly simple!

To Illustrate

Let me ask you this hypothetical, if a flying bird poops on your head- or any part of your body- would you just wipe with paper and go on about your day?  Or, would you wash it off with water? If you have answered “wash it off with water”, then ask yourself why would you want to keep using toilet paper down there? Even though you do not see it, you know it is there 

Toilet Paper Irritates
Another negative about toilet paper is that it can irritate the delicate skin in the anal area and can significantly retard healing of irritations. Toilet paper is made with acids and other very harsh chemicals that turn pulp wood into paper. For some people toilet paper hurts- yes (TP) hurts. Many also tell us that baby wipes sting because in addition to the Aloe and Glycerin, they are full of other chemicals (acids etc) that are used when they turn pulp into paper.

Fungus and Yeast Infections
Let me ask you another question: do you have a history of buying buy fungus or yeast ointments (yeast is a form of fungus)?  Does it seem to cure you for a while, and then a few months later you need to re-apply it? Your use of toilet paper is a suspect in this cycle. Fecal germs, especially EColi bacteria spreads and colonizes you over and over because of that thin film you leave behind when you use toilet paper!  Using a bidet will save you from all that irritation, and will save you money on fungal and yeast creams.

Your perimeum skin will actually thank you for using a Waterkleen® bidet
The WaterKleen® unisex bidet provides a soothing natural flow of water that is welcomed by your skin. The WaterKleen® bidet with temperature control and dual nozzles (rear wash and feminine wash). People who suffer irritation in the anal or vaginal area will immediately notice how soothing and cleansing the WaterKleen bidets are… Going to the toilet becomes an entirely different experience.  You will feel cleansed and refreshed, guaranteed!

Toilet Paper is Costly
Bidets also bring you great savings.  Did you know that an average American family of four flushes $200 down the toilet each year? This is insane, when you realize that you can use the most natural and most soothing element “water” to do a better job for pennies on the dollar. Furthermore, if you care at all about the environment, you will switch to water and save some trees for the future of the next generation. 

The Long and the Short of It
So the long and the short of it is that poor anal hygiene is a big contributing factor (bigger than you think) to developing medical conditions such as those listed on the left. This is why many Health Professionals agree that good Anal Hygiene, as easily promoted by the use of the WaterKleen® bidet, will help you in the treatment and alleviation of those very same medical conditions. Click on the left menu to read more

 Friends, this is the 21st century we have to evolve beyond caveman methods in cleaning ourselves. Our understanding and commitment to good hygiene for the rest of our body have advanced – so, why do we still cling to wiping our collective asses with paper just as cavemen/women wiped with tree leaves?




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