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Vaginal Hygiene

It is your Vagina- Do you want the most modern hygiene or not? 


We deal with issues of smell, itching, discharge and irritation when in reality a vag should smell nice and fresh. The vagina has natural femining smell to entice sexual liaison. But the way you may be treatinhg it can interfere with all of this.  

The Vagina and the perineum area (area from anus to vaginal opening) has sensitive skin and needs to be taken care of and kept fresh and clean. This kind of clean can only be achieved by stopping use of toilet paper and beginning to use fresh water. Our WaterKleen bidet makes this option available to you and it will cost you less than toilet paper!

Toilet Paper Can Be the Culprit

The truth is: no matter what you do, toilet paper leaves behind a smear of fecal material.  The smear that toilet paper leaves behind travels to the vaginal opening because of underwear movement, moisture, warmth and hair. Once there it can cause bacterial vagionsis. You can avoild all this by using a bidet after doing your number 2. . The bidet offers a well aimed stream of water that will remove all fecal material, and leave you fresh as a daisy. It is easy, and some people describe it as enjoyable.   

Do you suspect yout toilet paper as causing irritation?

Many women get this right. Toilet paper can cause severe vulvar and vagina irritation because it has bleach cholrine, formaldhyde, acids and other chemicals that go into its making.  If you suspect that toielt paper or baby wipes are causing you irritation down below, SWITCH TO USING WATER-DO NOT SWITCH TO ANOTHER BRAND OF TOILET PAPER. 


We aim to put the douche providers out of business… douches harm you!

WARNING: Various medical studies including one by the National Institute of Health have associated douching with adverse reproductive and gynecologic outcomes including: recurring vaginal odor and itch, bacterial vaginitis, preterm birth, low-birth-weight infants, pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydial infection, tubal pregnancy, higher rates of HIV transmission, and cervical cancer.

One major culprit in some vaginal infections is contact of fecal material with the vaginal opening. This happens more often than you think! Not wiping all of it – or if wiping well is being prevented by other conditions such as overweight or loss of mobility – will leave fecal material on your skin which will create recurring infections that are hard to completely resolve. Infections are accompanied by vaginal itch that can be hard to ignore (take Paris Hilton’s vagina itch caught on camera)! Most women buy cream after cream and the vaginal itch will clear up but comes back. If this is the case with you, then water cleaning hygiene is important for your skin to keeping the vaginal environment in the pink.

clean-it-dont-semar-itThe Waterkleen will leave you Spa fresh and confident at all times. If you get recurring vaginal odor, that will disappear.  

For less than $100 you can protect one of your most vital organs… you are worth it.

The WaterKleen™ bidet will actually pay for itself in less than a year from savings on toilet paper. The WaterKleen™ is guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and clean every day of your life.  

The WaterKleen™ bidet has two spray arms one for Number 2 and the other is positioned to aims directly at vaginal opening.  You can adjust water temperature and change pressure to suite your liking.   

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