Vaginal Odor

Have you ever worried about a strong vaginal odor? Millions of women, especially American, reach out to douching remedies. These douching remedies are promoted by pharmaceutical companies on pharmacy and supermarket shelves as quick fixes to the vaginal odor and vaginal itching problems.

WARNING: Various medical studies including one by the National Institute of Health  have associated douching with adverse reproductive and gynecologic outcomes including: recurring vaginal odor and itch, bacterial vaginosis, preterm birth, low-birth-weight infants, pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydial infection, tubal pregnancy, higher rates of HIV transmission, and cervical cancer.

European and Asian women rely on daily hygienic use of the bidet which works like a little shower that sprinkles water up to the vaginal and anal areas, and as such these women maintain a healthy environment for the vagina and are less likely to suffer from itch and odor problems. Health professionals agree that cleaning the vagina and anus areas with plain water– on a daily basis – is the best form of cleaning.

A vagina normally has its own light pleasant scent which is part of nature’s system to attract the opposite sex for mating rituals. But poor bottom hygiene will lead to upsetting the natural ph balance and may promote growth of fungi and yeast pathogens which could turn a normal fresh scent into a strong foul odor. Using normal plain tap water to clean the vaginal and anal area on a daily basis has been made easy by the use of the WaterKleen™ bidet. Using plain unscented water to clean on a daily basis will help any infection you have disappear faster, and will confidently stave off future infections. Most women make it a point to wash in the shower, but this allows soapy water into the area. Soapy water can cause changes in the flora and ph balance leading to an itch problem. The best most convenient method to clean the anal and vaginal area is throught the use of the bidet in our daily ritural.

Disclaimer: Strong vaginal odor and chronic itch should be discussed with your doctor for proper diagnosis.