Bidet Installation Details



Congratulations on your purchase of a WaterKleen™ Bidet. You have taken a good step to ultimate hygiene and comfort. 

Using a bidet is very simple. Instead of using toilet paper on your hand to wipe at the end of your toilet session, you will be turning a nob on your control counsel to turn on a flow of soothing temperature controlled water stream.

It is not like a shower, it is like a stream of water out of the tap. The stream is directed up at the correct angle to gently wash away all fecal or urine matter. Once you have washed, tap dry with a piece of toilet paper.

You can also use the bidet to provide relief to the sensitive perineum area. Use of bidet instead of toilet paper is highly recommended for a number of conditions. Visit Medical Benefits page to learn more.

  • Reduce bacterial vaginosis and vaginal itch in women
  • Removes vaginal odor
  • Prompts relief from chronic constipation
  • Reduce Urinary Track Infections (UTI)
  • Reduce hemorrhoid irritation
  • Provide relief from Prostatitis

The WaterKleen™ has a self-cleaning feature. Use this feature once a month.


Installing your Bidet

Make sure you read the entire instructions before you proceed. This will save you time

Most people are able to install the Waterkleen™ on their own. Expect 30-45 minutes installation time. The Waterkleen™ comes with needed plumbing fixtures

If you are unfamiliar with do it yourself plumbing projects, it is better to hire a plumber to do your installation


Tools Needed


1-    Screw Driver

2-    Adjustable Plumber’s wrench or 3/8” – 5/8” C wrench

3-    Teflon Tape

4-    Scissors

What’s inside your Waterkleen™ box

Your bidet unit comes with the following items

  • Braided Flexible Hose A & B
  • Fill Valve Adapter (F)
  • Plastic Hose (C)
  • Metal Adaptor (B)






1-    Shut-off water supply to the toilet tank by closing the valve that supplies the tank

2- Flush the toilet 2 times to make sure the water in the tank is fully drained

3- Shut-off the valve bringing hot water to your bathroom sink. This is under the sink. Turn the hot water faucet on to drain any water in pipe

4- Unscrew bolts in back of toilet seat to remove the seat from toilet. Put away for now.

Toilet seats are normally connected with two long screw bolts and wing nuts (on bottom side), one on each side

Final Assembly Image



Follow step by step. This image above gives you what the final picture should look like


  1. Cold Water Connection:

1- Disconnect the braided flexible hose below the toilet water tank. Disconnect only the tank end. (make sure you had flushed the tank as indicated above

2- Connect Fill Valve Adaptor (F) to the top of the hose from step 1(the end you disconnected from the tank). Screw the Fill Adaptor to the bottom of the tank. Tighten by hand.
Do not over-tighten! Orient the nipple on the Fill Adaptor towards you to make it accessible

3- Unscrew the plastic wing nut in middle of Fill Valve Adaptor (F) to expose connection nipple

4- Slide the plastic wing nut -from step (3) onto one end of the narrow gauge White Plastic Hose (C). Connect hose end to the exposed nipple on Adaptor (F). Make sure you push hose on all the way up to where threading begins. Support the back of the Fill Adaptor with your palm while you are pushing the hose over nipple, Then screw the plastic wing nut back onto the nipple of Fill Valve (F). Tighten connection by hand
– Do not over tighten!

5- Put the Waterkleen™ Bidet on the porcelain toilet without bolting it. Then estimate the length of the White Plastic Hose (C) you need to make a connection between the Fill Adaptor and the nipple market cold water on the bidet. Leave some slack. Using scissors cut the Plastic Hose at the estimated length


Do not yet connect the hose to the nipple on the bidet. Do not yet connect the bidet to the toilet.

Congratulations you just completed the cold water connection

If you are planning to only connect bidet to cold water, you can jump to Step V below.


  1. Hot Water Connection 

For this connection, you will be using Metal Adaptor (B). Please note, Adaptor (B) is made to screw on a standard 5/8” hot water Shut-Off valve (coming out of the wall) Depending on the age of your plumbing, your hot water valve may be of a different size (1/2” or possible7/8). If this is the case, you will need coupling to connect Metal Adaptor (B) to the Shut-Off valve under the sink. One end of the coupling should be 5/8” to connect to the Metal Adaptor (B). The other end should be what fits the size of your Hot Water Valve. You can buy the coupling from Home Depot and most hardware stores for about $3. Buy one made out of metal. If you need to get the coupling, make sure you also get rubber gaskets to fit into the female ends, you will need this to prevent leaks


  1. With your hot water Shut-Off valve under the bathroom sink closed


  1. Unscrew and remove the flexible hose that extends from the Shut- Off valve to the bottom of your to the faucet connection


  1. Look into the fat end of the metal Adaptor (B) and make sure that the gasket that comes with it is secure inside – it may have come loose in your pack during shipping


  1. Screw the metal Adaptor (B) onto the hot water Shut-Off valve and then screw the Braided Flexible hose (B) on the Adaptor’s threaded end. Make sure you use a couple of wraps of Teflon tape around the threads to prevent leaks.


  1. Tighten the other connection to the hot water faucet below the sink. Make sure that connections are tight – do not over tighten! Make sure the nipple on the Metal Adaptor is accessible


  1. Now, screw off the small metal nut from the Metal Adaptor (B) to expose the connection nipple


  1. Slide the metal nut onto one end of the remaining piece of the narrow gauge White Plastic Hose (C). Connect the hose to the nipple onto the Adaptor (B). Put a Teflon wrap on the threads of the nipple and tighten the nut over the connection. Tighten by hand. 


Congratulations you now have connected hot water to your bidet

  1. Finishing Up


  1. Turn the bidet over and attach the free end of the narrow gauge White Hose C (from step III-5) to the exposed nipple on the bottom of the bidet marked Cold (Blue Color). Screw on the nut by hand, but not all the way- it is important to leave a couple of threads on the nipple showing. Do not over tighten. If there’s a little water drop leaking down the hose, backout the nut a couple of turns

2.   Attach the free end of the narrow gauge White plastic from the hot water connection Hose (C) – from step IV-7 to the exposed nipple on the bottom of the bidet marked Hot (Red Color). Screw on the nut by hand, but not all the way- it is important to leave a couple of threads on the nipple showing.
  Do not over tighten. If there’s a little water drop leaking down the hose, backout the nut a couple of turns

3.   Put the bidet facing up on the porcelain toilet

4.   Line up the bidet slots with the wholes of the toilet. Lining the bidet up to the last adjustable slots on the right (as you face it) works best

5.   Replace the toilet seat on top of the bidet and insert the bolts and the wing nuts to tighten


  • Adjust the mix of hot water slowly. Once you have reached a temperature that is pleasing, leave the setting there.


  • Never flush the toilet just before you turn on bidet or while you are using it. This may cause a sudden rise of temperature in the water coming out of the bidet nozzles. If this happens, immediately turn off the bidet flow from the flow nozzle until the toilet tank fills up, then you can safely turn on the bidet again. In all cases, if the water flowing out of the bidet is too hot for your skin, immediately turn off the flow valve.




Waterkleen™ is backed with a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Should your bidet fail within the Warranty Period, we will replace it for free. Simply go to





Kleenbottom will accept bidets returned to us unused within 30 days from purchase date. Because this is a health product, we regret we cannot accept returns that have been used unless the return is due to product defects.


You will be refunded 100% of your money back. Bidets returned missing parts may be subject to a restocking charge.


To initiate refund for your return, please call go to our website and click on the step – by – step return link.