man-womenGetting a bidet in your bathroom has become easy and very economical. But what is your motivation for having a bidet? Look, having a bidet is about superior hygiene. If you are currently using toilet paper to wipe, I assure you that you are not getting very clean! A medical swipe around the area will show a nightmare of germs crawling around. This is because Toilet paper leaves behind fecal material with hundreds of thousands of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These germs are just waiting to attack once your skin gets dry, vulnerable, or scratched. In fact, fecal matter left behind by toilet paper is a major cause for some of the worst vaginal infections. Health professionals agree that using water to clean has several Medical BenefitsYou don’t need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a bidet in your bathroom. The Waterkleen™ Unisex bidet easily attaches to your existing toilet turning it into a luxury style bidet . The Waterkleen™ bidet will actually pay for itself in less than a year from savings on toilet paper. And, the Waterkleen™ unisex bidet is backed by a full one year warrantee. For the kind of hygiene you’ve always wanted, get the Waterkleen™ today.