use of bidet in Elderly Hygiene

Limited Mobility

Bidet attachments go a long way to help the elderly and disabled have their dignities just like anyone of us. Sometimes wiping well after a bowel movement is not easily accomplished because of diminished range of motion or because of arthritis pains. Some elderly people with arthritis reported having fallen off the toilet seat trying to reach and wipe well. Others end up just smearing themselves and wait until they have their shower to get clean. The fact is it is much safer for older people to use a bidet than to take showers in order to get clean. Here is what  Dr. Mary Tinetti, chief of geriatrics  at Yale Medical School says:

“Bathrooms are dangerous places for people with poor mobility and balance — there are all those hard, wet surfaces. If older adults can take fewer showers and baths, using the bidet to wash their lower bodies and a washcloth and soap for their upper bodies, they might reduce the risk of falling

 Helping our Parents

It is uncomfortable helping our parents with their toilet needs, but they really need our help. Our reward can be a higher quality of life and a greater sense of dignity for our parents. Providing our parents with a bidet attachment as a gift can help them with Toileting.  Toileting is such an essential activity of daily living (ADL) that it is included in determining disability.  So, if you can’t be with your parents every day, give your parents a gift that will help them every day

UTI Infections

Incontinence is another common condition among the elderly. For women, having urine stagnate around the genital area causes infections.  Dr. Manisha Juthani-Mehta, an infectious-disease specialist at Yale, thinks bidets might solve a couple of problems for older users.

“Dr. Juthani-Mehta. That’s no small thing, particularly for women. Hormonal changes after menopause, plus difficulties with keeping clean (compounded by incontinence), allow bacteria to colonize the vagina and then enter the urethra. Urinary infections are commonplace in nursing homes and a prime reason that older adults get sent to hospitals.”

Until the WaterKleen™ bidet and similar products were introduced; there were not many options available! Sadly, most seniors just put-up with poor hygienic conditions and did not want to talk about it to their family members.  But you can do something about it for your loved ones.  The WaterKleen™ bidet changes all this as it empowers the elderly and disabled to clean themselves.

Clean and Refresh with the push of a button

The WaterKleen™ bidet attaches to existing toilets to provide refreshing water stream to clean men and women after a bowel movement with a simple push of a button. The water coming out can be temperature controlled for maximum comfort. The WaterKleen™ also has a special feminine hygiene nozzle. Use the feminine hygiene setting if you have frequent incontinence. The WaterKleen will help improve the condition of your skin in that area, making it less susceptible to infections. You can use the WaterKleen™ bidet at any time of day or night to stay fresh and content.