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Sale on Bidet Attachment

The WaterKleen Bidet Attachment is back in Stock! Celebrating our 7th Anniversary Selling Add-on Bidets in the USA

  • Self Cleaning Bidet Attachment
  • Comes with all needed plumbing fixtures
  • Fits on your existing toilet seat (see installation)
  • Two precision spray nozzles, one for Front and one for Rear wash position – feel bidet fresh every morning
  • You will only need 1, or 2 squares of TP to dry
  • Temperature Control for warm water
  • Unlike other on the market, the WaterKleen has 3 control knobs for best results
  • Doctors recommend water for best hygiene in that area
  • Provides natural relief for some medical conditions
  • Non-Electric.More reliable
  • Two Year Warranty – full replacement, you only pay to ship

The Waterkleen® bidet attachment eliminates many hygiene problems. Let’s face it – maybe not – but the truth is toilet paper leaves behind a film of fecal material with hundreds of thousands of bacteria, viruses, and fungus, or should that be fungi!.  Some men can see it in their shorts 😊 😊(Tire Tracks!). Women are cleaner than men, but still, the germs are there to attack at times of vulnerabilities such as stress low immunity, or after lacerations from a hard stool.  Moisture and warmth are highways for these germs to travel and cause vaginosis, and UTI (Urethral Tract Infection) for women, who then spend a fortune on douches and creams for relief.  For men, it is itching and irritation that they can never really wipe clean. We use water to clean all of our body – yet the parts that need the most cleaning, we just wipe.  It does not make sense!! Medical professionals agree that using water after going to the bathroom offers the best hygiene.  FEEL SPA FRESH EVERY DAY WITH THE WATERKLEEN BIDET ATTACHMENT

Play Video Below On Installing Bidet Attachment To See How Easy To Get A Bidet Into Your Home​

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The WaterKleen Addon Bidet Attachment Arrives with All the Plumbing Fixtures in the Box​

An average man uses 384 trees for toilet paper in his lifetime.  Most of this is coming out of the Brazilian forests. The person uses 27 rolls per year. At about $3 per roll of TP,  that comes to $81 each year per person.  Collectively, the toilet paper sales are $30 billion per year.  

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Dimensions 18 × 8 × 4 in