About Bidet

patricia-profileMy husband and I have lived and worked overseas for over half of our lives. My husband worked for international companies that sent him all over the world. In our travels – I can count more than 30 countries – we enjoyed discovering culture and fashion and seeing how people do things differently. Say what you want about hygiene practices overseas, but in cleaning the bottom area, several cultures are way ahead of us!!

I am talking about using a stream of water from a bidet instead of using toilet paper after going to the toilet. See, Toilet Paper (TP) does not completely clean you, it will always leave a thin smear of fecal material that is full of bacteria.  For women, who get frequent yeast and UTI infections, this is how the infections start and never end.  As a woman, I know we are keeping the OTC pharmaceutical industry prosperous buying one vaginal cream after another. All of this can be eliminated by using a stream of water from a bidet to clean, rather than wipe with TP or moist toils.  The bidet is definitely the way to go

My First Time    Shy-shy-female-smiley-emoticon-000469-large
The first time I used a bidet, I was initially hesitant. I mean, I had always known about bidets… known about how they work, but never really used one. Finally, I used one in a posh hotel we stayed at in Paris. Within seconds of turning the bidet water on, I knew I wanted one in my home. But the Waterkleen bidet we sell on our site is much easier to install and operate than the standard French bidet.  The WaterKleen bidet simply attaches to your toilet seat and voila’ you have it. You don’t need to install another throne!

Saving Money
Bidets also bring you great savings.  Did you know that an average American family of four flushes down $200 worth of toilet paper per year? This is insane! When you realize that you can use the most natural and most soothing element on earth “water” to do a better job for pennies. Furthermore, if you care at all about the environment, you will switch to water and save some trees for the future of the next generation.  Globally there are 27,000 trees harvested each day just to make toilet paper, just to wipe our collective butts; this is just asinine!!! Water is the best natural element for cleaning our skin; water is the most soothing and refreshing. Why don’t you buy our bidet today?

Patricia Ghaly