About Bidet

Bidet seats are used in many countries. My husband and I have lived and worked overseas for over half of our lives.  We enjoyed discovering culture and fashion and seeing how people do things differently. Say what you want about hygiene practices overseas, but in cleaning the bottom area, several cultures are way ahead of us!! As the word bidet implies, it may have started in France. But now you can see bidets throughout Europe and Asia. I am talking billions of people find water more hygienic than wiping with paper. 


Toilet Paper Promotes Infections:

Let us be honest about it,  Toilet Paper (TP) does not completely clean you, it will always leave a thin smear of fecal material that is full of bacteria.  For women, who get frequent yeast and UTI infections, this is how the infections start and never end.  As a woman, I know we are keeping the pharmaceutical industry prosperous buying one vaginal cream after another to treat yeast infections and itch.

Another thing that compels me to share the idea of a bidet attachment with you is that it is the best thing for the elderly and those who have trouble reaching.  A bidet will make you feel Spa Fresh every day, and this is wonderful news.

My First Time to Use A Bidet:    Shy-shy-female-smiley-emoticon-000469-large 

I was initially hesitant. I mean, I had always known about bidets… known about how they work, but never really used one.  In a posh hotel in Vienna was my first time.  Within seconds of turning the bidet water on, I knew I wanted one in my home.

The WaterKleen Bidet Attachment:

The WaterKleen we sell on our site is much easier to install and operate than the standard stand-alone European Bidet.  The WaterKleen simply attaches to your toilet seat and voila’ you have a bidet in your bathroom for less than $100.

Saving Money off Toilet Paper:

Did you know that an average American person uses $100 worth of toilet paper a year.  It actually comes to 4 trees per person cut down just to wipe.  This is a real waste of money and is doing damage to our environment.  When you realize that you can use the most natural and most soothing element on earth “water” to do a better job for pennies, then you know that continuing to use toilet paper is just insane.   t

Buy your WaterKleen Bidet attachment today.


Patricia Ghaly