Frequently Asked Questions About Bidet Use

Does the Waterkleen fit all toilets?

The Waterkleen fits all two piece toilets and most one piece toilets. Where the porcelain seat connects up to the tank, it must be a flat surface.  See drawing below

How to use the Waterkleen Bidet?

This is really simple and you’ll get the hang of it after doing it once

  1. Sit down on toilet normally
  2. First, use the Cold Water Bypass to drain cold water from your pipes. Do this by turning the Top Dial (Nozzle Control) full to left; the Center Dial (Water Flow) fully to the left, and the Bottom Dial (Temperature Control) a couple of notches to the right.
  3. Let the water run for a couple of minutes. This will direct the water stream into the bowel until cold water is drained from the pipes. This will help you enjoy a better bidet experience
  4. For rear wash, just turn Top Dial back to center position
  5. For feminine wash, turn Top Dial fully to the right
  6. For a massage, adjust the temperature to your liking and use the Center Dial left and right to pulse with either the rear or feminine wash
  7. To Clean nozzles, once a week or more often is recommended, turn the Top Dial fully to the left and the Bottom Dial (Temperature Control) fully to the right for maximum hot water and then turn on the water flow dial (Center Dial).  Run for 3 minutes. The hot water will clean both nozzle

Will using a bidet cure hemorrhoids?

No, but it can help you to significantly reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids – especially during pregnancy. The number 1 cause of hemorrhoids is pushing hard when you are constipated. Women are more susceptible to constipation because of hormonal changes and during pregnancy. The bidet will naturally help you relieve constipation and thus take away the #1 reason for developing hemorrhoids  … more

What is the bidet source of hot water in WaterKleen Bidet?

The WaterKleen bidet is hydromechanical, i.e. it does not connect to electricity. The WaterKleen bidet gets its hot water from the hot water valve of the bathroom sink which is usually under the vanity. In the plumbing kit you receive, there is a metal T connector. The connector will be connected (screwed on)between the flexible hose going from the hot water faucet of your sink to the hot water valve coming out of the wall.  The connector will provide the line of hot water to the bidet.

Caution: Be careful when increasing the temperature setting of the bidet. Do this very slowly and normally you do not want to pass the second red mark on the dial. The bidet is capable of outputting very hot water. This is meant for bidet cleaning function only

The Waterkleen Bidet Provides Instant Hot Water Stream Even in Cold Climates

We can understand that in cold climates there is a delay for hot water to reach the pipes in the bathroom. This is why the Waterkleen is equipped with a “Cold Water Bypass” to prompt hot water when you are ready to use it. To activate the Cold Water Bypass:


  1. Turn the Top Dial all the way to the Left
  2. Turn the Center Dial a couple of notches to the Left
  3. Turn the Bottom Dial (Temperature) one notch to the right
  4. Let the bidet run for about a minute
  5. Now the bidet is ready to serve you warm water and you can turn the Top Dial on to Rear Wash (Center Setting), or Feminine Wash which is all the way to the right. Be careful when increasing the hot water temperature

What is the source of the fresh water?

The bidet gets its freshwater supply from the water pipe supplying your tank. It gets its supply – before the water enters into the tank – through a T connector that connects to the water valve coming out of the wall. This is the same water that feeds your shower and your vanity sink

Can the Waterkleen be used with just a cold water connection?

Yes, if you live in a warm state, you can use the bidet connected to only freshwater source. Actually, on a point of physiology,  the way we are made is such that the anus does not react to cold water temperature the same way as the rest of our skin, so, the cold water connection only can be used if you do not have a sink in your bathroom

Does the Waterkleen have electrical connections?

The Waterkleen is non-electric. We think it is safer that way. There are electric bidets on the market but they cost hundreds more and installation is also more costly

Does the Waterkleen have an enema function for constipation?

Yes, just set the water temperature on warm and increase the pressure see Chronic Constipation for full instructions

Is the Waterkleen Self Kleening?

Yes. The Waterkleen has a self-cleaning setting. We recommend you do this once every couple of weeks. Set the water temperature on high and run for 3 minutes.  This will remove hard water mineral deposits and keep your bidet nozzles in good shape