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  • Best Remedy for Constipation IcoRating5

Posted by Megan, New Jersey

The Waterkleen bidet really works for constipation. I was always constipated and I hated it. I have been using the Waterkleen bidet for a few months now and my constipation is no longer an issue. In fact it has become like conditioning,a natural response for my system. All I have to do is turn the bidet water on and my system now responds on its own.

  • No More Itching IcoRating5

Posted by Unknown  

I was hospitalized for a while and got into the habit of using wet wipes as toilet paper. I used them for about 5 years but recently discovered they use chemicals that cause itching and rashes, of which I was suffering from. I hate toilet paper and it doesn’t work that well. So I thought “If I can’t use wet wipes and I can’t use dry wipes, what’s left?” and this was the answer. Probably the best $89 I’ve ever spent, as I had itches for months and I always feel clean now with no problems. We didn’t bother to install the hot water override as it has to go through the bathroom sink plumbing or something, but the cold water works just fine. My only complaint is that the nozzle’s positioning isn’t quite perfect. I have to adjust myself just right, but it’s worth it.

I’m a 21 year old male and I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about using a bidet.

  • Constipation constipation constipation IcoRating5

Posted by Sally, New York

My daily constipation is gone, gone gone !!!! at first I was skeptical. But this thing works like a charm. It stimulates a natural bowel movement. It is better than any so called natural remedy out there…. beleive me over the last 20 years I have tried them all. Excellent product, excellent customer service. If you have chronic or occasional constipation , do yourself a favor and buy this. You will save hundreds of dollars on remedies.

  • Old Fashioned Husband IcoRating5

Posted by S. Swan

My husband is so old fashioned. He thought me wanting a bidet to pleasure myself (well you actually can with the warm water), but it is really because a bidet give you the best hygiene. So, I bought this Waterkleen bidet and I dared my husband not to use it. Guess what? Yes, he uses it everyday.

  • Pregnant IcoRating5

Posted by Lisa D.

This bidet is fantastic for pregnant moms. I am expecting a baby and I do not want any risk of infection for my baby. In my last pregnancy, I developed an infection which was a nightmare. This time, I am taking no chances.

  •  Thank You IcoRating5

Posted by Rubia, Miami Florida

I tell you, I am a little bit on the plump side. Cleaning down there was always a hit or miss – unless I take a full shower. Long story short, I never really felt clean. On hot days, I would get the worst SOB kind of itch, and would have to go home and shower. No more, since I have this bidet.

  • Love the difference IcoRating4

Posted by Margaret, Chicago, IL.

What a difference in my life and in my attitude at work. I bought this bidet 3 months ago. I am not one to writes reviews, but I feel compelled to write this one. I am a professional woman. I am on the run from the moment I wake up till I go to bed. In my work, I am running from meeting to meeting and doing working lunches everyday. I have constipation! Sounds familiar? I bought the Waterkleen 3 mos ago. It has become my daily trigger for a bowel movement. I just sit on it the toilet every morning, I follow the Waterkleen instructions, I can be responding to emails on my blackberry or talking on the phone, and the Waterkleen just does its magic. I dare say, I am now regular.

  • Love it front and back – Kleen IcoRating5

Posted by Kim @#$%

Just love your bidet. My boyfriend is a sex maniac. He can come over any time during the day and want it in XXXXXXXXXX{edited}. I don’t mind it in the morning or before we go to sleep because I can just jump in the shower. But in the middle of the day, or sometimes before we go out, I am always worried that I will stain my clothes and it will show. Now, I just bidet myself and it is even better than jumping in the shower.

  • OMG IcoRating5

Posted by Alice

OMG! What a difference!!! I am telling you, I won’t go anywhere except in my own bidet bathroom-even if I have to wait hours.

  • Freshness IcoRating4

Posted by Samantha Paris

It is just freshness and delight with a bidet!

  • Customer Service IcoRating5

Posted by Bill Rupert

I received excellent customer service- thank you Patricia. Before I bought, I had several questions. This bidet was for my mother who has arthritis and just cannot do the hygiene she used to do. I contacted the company through their “Contact Us” page. A representative called me the same day and answered all my questions nicely- she did not push me to buy and left me to make up my mind. I must say, I am so glad I bought this bidet for my mom – she is 86 and still lives independently, but her arthritis has given her trouble. The first time my mom tried the bidet after it was hooked up, she cried… She had been keeping her hygiene shortcomings a secret, and this just took a huge weight off her shoulders, and mine. That made me cry also. Thanks again.

  • Glad I found you IcoRating5

Posted by Dolly Bains, UT

I came from Europe for work related assignment in New York two years ago. Even though toilet paper in the US is much softer than that of Europe, I had been accustomed to using a European bidet. I have struggled for a year and a half with a sense of not being clean enough, and a burn in my ass because of TP. I bought the Waterkleen bidet – it is different from bidets we have in Europe – this is more of an Asian design. Within one week all the but burn is gone. I feel great after each visit to the bathroom. Great product. I think Europeans should change their design to this one.

  • Hygiene + IcoRating4

Posted by Noel Jansen, Seattle

I am amazed that over the centuries we have changed our daily hygiene practices on everything, except for the area that gets the highest amount of @#!! I agree, toilet paper cannot get you really clean, I mean cavemen used tree leaves to wipe, how different are we from them if we use paper?

I bought waterkleen bidet for the hygiene factor. It works just fantastic. Now when I go on travel or vacation, I just cannot deal with the old tired way of wiping my a@# with paper. I wish I can take the waterkleen with me in my suit case. I am an addict. Go bidet!

  • My wife bought it, but I love it IcoRating4

Posted by Brad, Chicago

My wife is pregnant and she told me she was going to buy a bidet to make sure everything down there stays clean ( it is our first and we are so excited). I said a b.. what! I had never heard of it. Being the man of the house, I had to do the installations (instructions are OK, but could be more generous). I installed and thought to myself -this is for her use. Out of curiosity, I tried it….. now a month later now, and I am hooked. I admit, it is really for both men and women. I don’t think I will tell the guys at the office for a while though

  • Best Hygiene IcoRating5

Posted by Chloe S.

Waterkleen works as advertised – it is really about modern hygiene. I do not have any medical issues, or irritation from toilet paper. I like the bidet because it really leaves you very clean and ready for anything. We use water to clean the rest of our body, why not down there!

  • Cleared my Fungus Infection  IcoRating5

Posted by Mary B, San Francisco

I have been waiting four months to write this review. I am so appreciative of Waterkleen. It really cleared up a nightmare in my life.
I used to have this unrelenting itch around my vagina. It made me scratch all the time. It was so embarrasing because sometimes I would have to scratch in public. My gynecologist told me it was a strong fungus (Tinea something!) – sort of jock itch, but I am a woman! He prescribed me a strong fungus cream. I used the cream for 14 days, it had a smell to it but it worked. But few weeks later the infection would return, and the itching would be horrible that it made me cry because I thought it would never end. I would use up another prescription and the fungus would go away. A month or so later, it would return even worse. It was an unending cycle. Finally, I discussed using a bidet with my doctor. He recommended that I give it a try. It turned out that I am susceptible to some fungus in the poop which travelled to my vagina from number 2. I installed the Waterkleen bidet on my toilet 4 months ago, and I have had no recurring infection from that fungus. Water really helps keep you clean down there.

  • Bought one for my mom IcoRating5

Posted by Melissa A

First I bought one for myself about a month ago and just loved it. I work in modelling and I have travelled to some countries where the bidet is a standard in fine hotel bathrooms (mostly Asia). So I have been thinking of buying one to put in my condo here in the US. But the Japanese models cost anywhere from $600 to $5000. Yep they can get very fancy! So I was first skeptical about this $89 bidet. But let me tell you, it works exactly the same. The only thing it does not do, is air dry your bottom, but you can use TP to dry. When my mom comes to visit me in my condo, she always wants to use the bathroom with the bidet, so I bought her one. My mom has some arthritis in her hands and the bidet makes it a lot easier for her. Thanks

  • If you care about Hygiene IcoRating4

Posted by Tanisha K

Shipping was standard time (6 days), but it was free, so I can’t complain.
I bought the bidet about five weeks ago and I had my neighbor install it for me- he is my favorite handyman. He was able to follow the instructions fine, but we had to buy a brass coupler ($3.59) because my hot water valve is 5/8 inch and the braided hose that came with the bidet was standard 3/8 inch. My neighbor said 3/8 inch is standard for most new homes.

Now about the function of the bidet. I have to tell you I am very impressed. I used to use toilet paper and then I started using unscented baby towels for better and softer cleaning. The bidet is by far the best and easiest clean I have had. And the confidence feeling that comes with that is priceless. I like the temperature control, I put the setting on warm water and I just feel way better. You still have to dry with TP. The feminine wash is also very refreshing (I am sexually active, and this thing is just right for staying fresh before and after)

  • I can deal with my daily constipation IcoRating4

Posted by Traci Kuntz, Madison, WI

I used to have daily constipation. Not a big problem, but I just could not go easily. I used to go through all kinds of rituals, drinking cold water, using senna every night, etc. I took Waterkleen at its word. Now the bidet does all the work. I just sit, and start the bidet ( I use warm water) and soon my bowels start moving. Thank you waterkleen.

I gave 4 stars because the installation instructions are a bit difficult. I recommend you add more clarity.

  • The Perfect healthy natural Product. Excellent customer service. IcoRating5

Posted by Mark, Bellevue, WA

I love the Waterkleen bidet. I am so glad I bought this. It just leaves me super clean without any of the irritation of the toilet paper. I also discovered that it helps relieve my constipation. I recommend this company

  • Love my Waterkleen IcoRating5

Posted by Lynda Sanchez, Miami FL

I don’t know how I lived without this. Thank you very much!

  • Toilet Paper Irritation- Gone IcoRating5

Posted by Steve Llwellyn, Vancouver Canada

I am as happy as can be with this bidet. I get irritation from rubbing with toilet paper. Then I switched to moist towellets. Those were OK, but some of the brands have chemicals that still burned my butt, and there is always the problem of cost and disposing them. THe Waterkleen just makes


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