Install Bidet Attachment for WaterKleen

Installing Your Bidet Attachment to Toilet Seat

Most people are able to install the Waterkleen on their own. Expect 30-45 minutes of installation time. Play the above video to get a quick graphic on how the bidet attaches to your toilet seat.  For detailed step by step instructions on installing this addon bidet attachment click on the link for installation instructions at the bottom of the page.

The Waterkleen comes with Free standard plumbing fixtures included. The photo below details the attachments included with the Waterkleen followed by the most detailed installation instructions

Included in your purchase are all the plumbing accessories shown in the photo above:

1- Fill Valve Adaptor (A) for cold water connection
2- Braided Flexible Hose (A) for cold water connection. You can replace your existing hose with this newer hose or keep the existing hose
3- Metal Hot Water Adaptor (B) for hot water connection
4- Braided Flexible Hose (B) for hot water connection
5- White Plastic Hose (C) – 3/16” IDX 5/16”OD

You will receive an installation manual with your order. Make sure you read through all instructions before you proceed

Installation Booklet