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anal itching


Stop Pesky Anal Itch in its tracks and keep it away forever


” Waterkleen bidet works. I had this unrelenting itch. Telling me to stop scratching was like asking me not to breathe. It was an SoB. I bought the bidet to try. Itch is gone…I don’t know how, but it works”  By Drake, Washington DC


Doctors report Anal Itching (pruritus ani), itchy butt, is more common than you think, but patients are embarrassed to talk about it because they know that poor anal hygiene is usually the culprit.  Yes, the #1 reason for anal itching is poor anal hygiene.  It is somber (forgive the pun), but people just don’t wipe well enough, or, are prevented from wiping well because of an existing medical condition, overweight, or disability.  Others, in a sincere effort to clean well, tend to over rub causing skin lacerations which begins a vicious itchy butt cycle.

The problem with toilet paper is that leaves behind fecal film and debris.  Fecal matter is full of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus. In combination with natural warmth and moisture of the area, the pathogens flower up in quantities that cause infections in the anal area – these infections can and do spread to the vagina in the case of women.   And, If you have skin lacerations, you may be unable or unwilling to wipe hard, or you may even go the other direction; in an effort to get really clean you may wipe too hard and cause more lacerations.  It becomes a dilemma; damned if you do, damned if you don’t!  Many people stuck in that rut, resort to only cleaning in the shower because they realize that water is the best way to clean. The Waterkleen bidet is like having a little convenient handheld shower installed in your toilet.

How is the WaterKleen™ bidet help?

With just a push of a button, The WaterKlean™ directs a stream of water to clean you and soothe you. It is the best bathroom experience on earth!  Using the WaterKleen will help creams you may be using to be more efficient in healing you. It is natural, apply medication on clean skin for it to work, Duh!

Also, The WaterKlean™ offers both temperature and pressure control for the water. Many people enjoy a long stream of cool water to soothe an irritated anal area. Men with an inflamed prostate, report relief from alternating cool and warm temperatures. For hemorrhoid sufferers, the bidet simulates a Sitz bath, without all the mess.