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Overweight Personal Hygiene

Clean With a Push of Button with WaterKleen

If natural weight issues are causing you to have less than optimal hygines down there and you want to improve things, then we have the best solution for you:  Water. Yes, nice warm water that can reach and wash away. 

Using toilet paper or baby wipes is not efficient and you can be colonized with all types of infections as a result.  Medical studies indicate that many wait to get into the shower or the tub to really clean. But this waiting gives bacteria and fungus time to flourish and they become resistant to treatment.   

With a bidet, you do not have to wait to be fresh and clean / warm water is at your finger tips. With a simple push of a button, you can choose temperature, pressure, and other features.  A bidet will give you deep cleansing, remove Vaginal Odor, and give you a spa fresh feeling every day of the year. 

We offer 3 models that come with remote control for those who find it difficult to reach the side panel.   Staying clean will help you avoid infections and complications of that area. It may be a little investiment, but it is an investment in you and your well being.