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With the Waterkleen, you can turn your existing toilet into a luxury bidet and also save money

  • Waterkleen Bidet is Easy to install
  • Two spray nozzles, one for Front and one for Rear wash position – feel bidet fresh every day, and whenever
  • Doctors recommend water for best hygiene in that area
  • Three Control Knobs for Position, Force, and Water temperature
  • Continuous warm water
  • Self Cleaning 
  • Non Electric
  • Comes with all the plumbing fixtures to install
  • One Year Guarantee – full replacement, you only pay shipping

The best hygiene and most comforting experience you have ever gotten is bidet hygiene. Our customer testimonials (men and women) bear this out. Having a bidet is about superior hygiene. If you are currently using toilet paper to wipe, I assure you that you are not getting very clean.

Toilet paper leaves behind a film of fecal material with hundreds of thousands of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These germs are just waiting to attack once your skin gets dry, vulnerable, or scratched. In fact, fecal matter left behind by toilet paper is a major cause for some of the worst vaginal infections. Health professionals agree that using water to clean has several Medical Benefits

The Waterkleen bidet is easy and enjoyable to use. The Waterkleen® bidet will leave you clean, soothed, refreshed, and confident every day. For men, say goodbye to tire tracks.

What Comes in the Box

  1. The Waterkleen bidet fits on Existing toilet
  2. Brass T for hot water connection
  3. One Braided Hose for cold water
  4. One Braided hose for hot water
  5. Silicon tube 
  6. instructions manual

Click on video above to see how to use and why water is the best cleaning element for the skin – make sure your speakers are on. 

plumbing-kit2 pro

The Waterkleen

Two Nozzeles; 3 Control Knobs

Non Electric

Easy installation. No electrician Required for additional outlet

Safe Operations and cleaning

No water damage to electronic circuit

Click on Installation Video





1 Year Warranty

The Waterkleen comes with 100% warranty coverage.  We are committed to providing with the most reliable product on the market.  If for any reason, your Waterkleen fails you, you may return it for a full replacement within one year from purchase – no questions asked. If you bought the Waterkleen online, no receipt is required; if you purchased the Waterkleen from a retail outlet, please hold on to your receipt.

Save moohla

You can save money while getting the best hygiene at the same time. Did you know that a family of 2 spends $60-$70 on toilet paper each year. If you are using wet wipes, you are spending between $90-$120 each year. Save money, be environmentally friendly, and get the best most comfortable hygiene  


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  • Best Remedy for Constipation IcoRating5
  • Thank You IcoRating5
  • Love the difference IcoRating5
  • OMG IcoRating5
  • My wife bought it, but I love it IcoRating5
  • Cleared my Fungus Infection  IcoRating5
  • Hygiene + <IcoRating5
  • Lives up to hype! IcoRating5




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