Bidet for Chronic Constipation

Bidet Use for Chronic Constipation

Hear direct Testimonials from our Customers:

” I used to have daily constipation... I used to go through all kinds of rituals, drinking cold water, taking Senna every night, etc. I took Waterkleen at its word. Now the bidet does all the work. I just sit, start the bidet (use warm water) and soon my bowels start to move. Thank you Waterkleen, I no longer have Chronic Constipation!”  Tracy Kuntz, Madison WI.

“My daily constipation is gone! gone! gone! At first, I was skeptical, but this thing works like a charm. It is better than so many so-called natural remedies out there.. over the last 20 years, I have tried them all. … if you have chronic or occasional constipation do yourself a favor and buy this.. you will save hundreds of dollars” Sally, NY

“What a difference in my life and attitude at work….I bought the Waterkleen 3 months ago. It has become my daily trigger for a bowel movement. I just site on the toilet every morning. I follow the Waterkleen instructions and the Waterkleen does its magic. I dare say I am now regular”  Margarte, Chicago, IL

How does the bidet actually work on Chronic Constipation?

The reasons behind constipation are many, and if you are not eating a high fiber diet, you should consider doing that. But, constipation is defined by lack of peristalsis (lack of movement) of the colon. Maybe all of us have had experience with an enema. What the enema does is stimulate the colon to move.

The Waterkleen does something similar to the enema, but without the mess, the funny position, or the wait. Sitting down on your toilet as you normally would, turn on the bidet (use warm water) and increase the water flow to greater than you normally use for rear wash – if some water enters up the anal canal, relax and let it.   The directed warm water stream from the bidet will stimulate your anus and this, in turn, will stimulate peristalsis in the colon. Within 1-2 minutes you will begin to feel your bowels moving and then success! It is just that simple! The good thing is, after having done this a few times, you will condition your colon to respond to this trigger so that feeling the bidet warm water will cause you to have a bowel movement.

Chronic Constipation – Risks of pushing out a hardened stool

The Waterkleen will protect you from getting anal fissures and hemorrhoids, which are primarily caused by pushing out a hardened stool. Whether you know it or not, when you are pushing a hardened stool, you are also blowing up (like a balloon) blood vessels around the anus and you cause permanent damage to delicate valves in those vessels. Over time, these vessels will turn into hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are very painful and never go away.

Another problem of pushing out a hardened stool is that you can cause lacerations (cuts) in the anal canal or in the anus. These cuts can easily become infected and will be a source of severe pain.

It is best to avoid getting any of the two above conditions. If you are pushing out a hardened stool, let the bidet help you with your constipation. Simply leave the warm water on (directed at your anus) as you are releasing the stool. Do not push. The Waterkleen bidet will lubricate the opening and will break away the stool in little pieces (much as water breaks up and washes away hardened mud).  This will remove all risks of getting fissures or hemorrhoids.